Ductless Plus 10 Year Warranty

Zone In On Your Family's Best Breathing Solutions

A whole-home zoned HVAC system ensures every room in your house is filled with cleaner, fresher, more breathable air. Ductless Plus is your partner when you’re ready for pure air that’s free of contaminants and unhealthy particles.

Take a Deep Breath

Our clean-air solutions feature filters that enable you to breathe easier. So, take a deep breath, and enjoy the environment you’ve created within your home.

Advanced Multi-Stage


Single-filter systems can’t capture all the air contaminants that cause asthma, allergies, and overall discomfort. That’s why we use multi-stage filtration technology that stops the bad stuff from getting into your home, even if it manages to escape the initial layer of filters.

Advanced multi-stage filtration is designed to:

  • Stop the spread of illness
  • Keep allergens at bay
  • Eliminate pet hair, dander, and dust from infiltrating the air
  • Remove pollen and other harmful particles from the atmosphere

The more layers your air filtration system encompasses, the better your air quality will be.



Nobody wants to live in a home that’s filled with unwanted stench. Sometimes, poorly designed air filtration systems can actually be the cause of weird smells. At Ductless Plus, we utilize Mitsubishi’s Platinum Deodorizing filters to keep the stink out of the stuff you breathe.

Platinum Deodorizing filters:

  • Employ the use of nanotechnology to absorb even the smallest odor-causing particles
  • Neutralize nasty smells and substances that are known to produce problematic scents
  • Minimize foul fragrances at the molecular level



Washable filters allow you to do your part in keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills while still enjoying the benefits of healthy, breathable air. At Ductless Plus, we’re proud to feature environmentally friendly filtration systems that:

  • Save you money by reducing the number of filters you have to buy
  • Last up to 10 years
  • Minimize your impact on the environment