Ductless Plus 10 Year Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric Occupant-Zone Comfort

Your home is always comfortable with the Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions that monitors each occupant zone and adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort. The deluxe wall-mounted models feature 3D i-see Sensor scans the individual zones to locate occupants and detect hot and cold spots. You don’t have to lift a finger, the 3D sensors will raise or lower the temperature to maintain the perfect amount of heating or cooling.

Zoned Comfort Solutions

Increase your home comfort level with customized HVAC solutions that maximize occupant comfort by allowing you to maintain the perfect temperature in individual rooms within your home.

Clean Air System

Mitsubishi features multiple technologies to keep your family healthy and breathing clean air. An advanced multi-stage filtration system captures allergy and asthma sensitive pollutants before interior air quality is impacted. Select models feature Platinum Deodorizing filters that absorb odors and neutralize smells. The air system filters are washable to last up to ten years.

Experience cleaner air and a healthier family when an air filtration systems that captures bacteria, allergens, odors, and other contaminants that can negatively impact the air quality in your home.

Reduce Energy Usage

Many of the Mitsubishi systems are ENERGY STAR rated and may save you money when you use local utility rebates or federal and state tax credits. With state-of-the-art inverter compressor technology, the systems sense the comfort needs of the room, then ramps up or ramps down to maintain comfort levels and saving you energy. The zone by zone controls gives you the ability to fine-tune comfort levels by setting separate heat levels for different spaces in the home and turning off the HVAC in rooms or areas that are unoccupied.

Hyper-Heating System

With advanced heat pump technology, the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating system maintains warmth during the most extremes of cold weather. The system is designed to save you money with minimum energy consumption. Long waits for warm air delivery are over with Instant Hot-Start technology for an immediate rush of warm air. The hyper-heating system is a heat pump system that performs as both a heating and air conditioning system.

Hyper Heat features exclusive Inverter technology. When temperatures drop below zero degrees, this system helps your heating system operate efficiently and quickly deliver warm air.

Designed for Quiet

Experience a high-performing, whisper quiet interior with short-run duct systems that provide heat or cooled air directly to occupant areas without noisy fans. The click and clang of your central air system cycling on and off are in the past. The entire system and its components are specifically designed for quiet with vibration dampeners and an insulated compressor compartment.

It is often air moving within air ducts and blower motors cycling on and off that interrupt the ambient quiet within homes. Mitsubishi has detected the source of HVAC noise and designed a system to operate around it.

Smart HVAC Commands

Experience a personalized HVAC management system where you can adjust your home’s temperature settings remotely. Never experience the surprise of a too-warm home or the brisk chill of entering a cold house. With the Kumo cloud app, you can create program schedules that automatically return your home to a pre-determined comfort mode or pre-set temperature ranges. With instant access to your system status and auto reminders to check your or change your filters, you never have to worry about an HVAC surprise.

You maintain total zone control with RedLINK™ technology to wirelessly connect up to 16 devices to your cooling and heating system. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control your home’s HVAC.

Endless Comfort

Because you want to be just as comfortable at work as you are at home, our P-Series professional line is the perfect way to provide reliable temperatures in settings including banks, schools, professional offices, retail stores, restaurants, spas, salons, and other light commercial settings.

Even when you’re not thinking about it, your body is busy trying to get your temperature “just right,” to make you as comfortable as possible. Why not allow us to help you get – and keep – the ideal temperature so you can concentrate on other. more important, things?