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Mitsubishi Comfort Technology

Homeowners are understandably surprised by how advanced Mitsubishi comfort systems are compared to their current system. That’s because Mitsubishi heating and cooling technology continues to march forward.

Mitsubishi Electric provides the most efficient comfort available

Systems today are engineered to provide the most efficient comfort at the greatest energy cost savings possible. However, personalized comfort is now possible in ways never before associated with heating and cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric’s signature 3D I-See Sensor™

Let’s say, after your install a new Mitsubishi heating and cooling system, you walk into a room and immediately feel an improvement in the comfort level of the air. It’s not a random occurrence where the air “kicked on.” Rather, it’s Mitsubishi Electric’s 3D i-see Sensor™, which constantly scans a room for subtle changes in temperature. This tiny device, which is installed on recess heating and cooling units, responds to indoor atmosphere changes in ways never before possible.

Every room of a house has its own mini-atmosphere in which some spots are cooler or warmer than others. Mitsubishi technology addresses this typical situation via the 3D i-see Sensor™. The sensor begins by dividing the room into 750 three-dimensional zones. It scans each zone to create a whole-room temperature profile that identifies warm and cool spots. When a person enters the room, it creates a heat signature. The sensor detects the signature, raising or lowering the temperature to adjust for the change. If more persons enter, the sensor will make additional adjustments. When they leave, the sensor makes another change. The system can be programmed to point to cool or warm air toward, or away from, a heat signature.

Maximum efficiency

With the 3D i-see Sensor™, it does not matter if you forget to adjust the thermostat. The system can detect the departure of a heat signature when a room is occupied. It will make an automatic adjustment to the temperature or make the immediate transition to an energy-saving setting.

Instant Hot Start

When a thermostat triggers a heating unit to provide a burst of air, people are conditioned to expect an initial cold blast. But Mitsubishi technology prevents that from occurring, so you’ll feel warm air right away.

H2I Technology®

When the temperature outside drops to uncomfortable lows, it is typical to imagine heating bills rising to uncomfortable highs. But Mitsubishi’s hyper-heating technology keeps it toasty inside while still saving energy—and thus saving on heating expenses, too.

Zone Control

Every room in a home receives different levels of use—such as the kitchen compared to a guest bedroom. Zone control allows for customized settings for each area of house, therefore allowing for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Inverter-driven compressor

Traditional heating and cooling units are inefficient—using more energy than should be necessary to provide the right climate for an area. Mitsubishi technology uses less energy needed for the same task, which makes it as much as 40% more efficient than typical systems.

Air Filtration

Air quality is just as important as comfort when it comes to technological improvements in heating and cooling. Mitsubishi’s air filtration system allows clean air to come through while blocking odors and harmful elements like bacteria and allergens.

It’s all about comfort, quality, efficiency and cost savings with Mitsubishi’s high-tech heating and cooling systems. You can rest—and breathe—easier with Ductless Plus.