Ductless Plus 10 Year Warranty

Ductless Plus and Mitsubishi Electric are experts in heating, ventilation, and ac systems

We offer installation, maintenance, and repair for HVAC systems in the Rocky Mountain region. Thanks to our Whisper Quiet performance feature, we are helping homeowners and business owners alike get more out of their busy day. Spend less time listening to your HVAC system and more time focused on living your life. It all starts with Ductless Plus and these benefits of a ductless system.

Benefits of a Ductless System

The biggest benefit of having a ductless HVAC system is the silence. If you have lived with a conventional HVAC unit that made a loud noise every time it came on, then you will appreciate the silence with ductless systems. Since there are no ducts used with this type of zoned comfort solution, there are not any noisy fans running. Upgraded features including vibration dampeners and a compressor compartment that is insulated help to maintain this quiet design.

Whisper Quiet

By Design

By being quiet by design, you are able to eliminate the annoying noise that comes from those traditional HVAC units. In fact, with our Whisper Quiet cooling and heating systems, you are able to minimize the amount of noise pollution adversely affecting your home or office.

No Background


Along with being so quiet thanks to the use of whisper-quiet technology, the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system helps with your external environment. Rather than having to deal with the constant running of your air conditioning or furnace, you can experience no background noise. This is ideal for light sleepers or individuals wanting to reduce noise pollution that pervades our everyday spaces.

Peace & Quiet


Our Mitsubishi Electric solution here at Ductless Plus offers an indoor unit that has a sound as silent as 19 dB(A). This is comparable to the sound level of a human whisper. Our outdoor units in the Mitsubishi Electric ductless system are only about as loud as background music at 58 dB(A). This is akin to a conversation at a coffee shop.

Service of Ductless Systems

Even if the ductless system by Mitsubishi Electric works like a charm in the Whisper Quiet department, there is still one major test. You need to be able to depend on your heating and air conditioning unit to withstand the rigors of the everyday environment. Fortunately, these systems feature some of the latest HVAC technology. This includes inverter-compressor technology that raises the temperature continuously to maintain the perfect temperature setting. Compare this to traditional HVAC systems that run on a cycle, and is also accompanied by a loud sound at the end of each cycle.

By choosing the Mitsubishi Electric ductless system by Ductless Plus in Denver, Colorado, you can benefit from peace and quiet throughout the day and night. Stop waking up prematurely because your noisy HVAC unit keeps kicking on and off. Go ductless today and start benefiting from whisper quiet technology tomorrow.